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March 23, 2010

Trying to “Do Good”

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Back when I was in college — you know, just two years ago– my professor and advisor always encouraged us to “Do Good.” He wanted us to get out there and better our world. He even required us to do community service for two semesters during our program. But poor Professor C.! How disappointed he was when I decided to pursue journalism! After my graduation ceremony for my graduate degree from the top journalism school in the nation, I walked across the street to the top public affairs school in the nation, where I’d received my bachelor the year before. I wanted to say goodbye to Professor C, and thank him for his support. I will remember the words my trusted advisor said to me. No, it wasn’t “Live your dreams!” or “Reach for the stars!” No. This is what Professor C said to me while I was still in my cap and gown with all my regalia: “Scarlett? When the hell are you gonna get this TV crap out of your system and get out there and do some good? The public sector NEEDS you!”

Well Professor C, I still have that TV crap in me. Maybe I need an enema or something. But I have always been trying to do good on the side. From mentoring young girls to volunteering every Friday at a local women’s shelter. And now my blog is doing good too! If you look on my sidebar, you’ll see a link for Wyclef Jean’s organization, Yele Haiti. Right now it says it’s helping to fund reforestation in Haiti, but I believe all money collected by Wyflef & Yele is going to the earthquake relief fund.

Why did I chose Yele Haiti as my organization? I’m not Haitian, but I live in a city with a huge Haitian population. A lot of my friends from high school and college are Haitian. In fact, I was a member of my college’s Haitian group at one point. Also, I met Wyclef back when I was in college. He autographed this towel I had that was given out at the event. Unfortunately, just like two years ago, my mom found it in a box in my childhood room as she was packing up to move.

“Oh, by the way Scarlett,” she said to me one day, “I found this towel in your room. It had a weird smudge on it, so I washed it.”
“That was Wyclef Jean’s autograph!” I shrieked at her

Anyway, I hope you all will click on the link to the right and support Yele Haiti. It takes just a minute and you do as many fun activities as you’d like. I know you’ll make excuses, but to quote Professor C, “BS makes the grass grow.” (That’s actually on a t-shirt he sells at the bookstore!) So thanks for Doing Good readers! You’re making Professor C proud. Now maybe he’ll forgive me for this TV crap! :-/


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