The Scarlett Letter

June 9, 2010


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At the same time as I was getting to know Larry, I also began to talk to second dude. Let’s call him Moe. Moe was a very handsome, tall piece of dark chocolate. He, of course, had gone to college (an important criteria for me), pledged a fraternity, and even played professional football for a week and a half or something.

Moe had a job. Not the best job, but a job none the less, and in this economy, that’s golden! His living situation was a little odd. He had just moved in with a female friend whom he claimed was not his girlfriend. Why do I keep giving these “special cases” a chance? If I liked dogs, I’d be the person to take in all the pups with two broken legs, mange and are blind in one eye. Geesh! Anywho… Back to Moe….

We chat online for a while. Then he tells me he has to go work overnight as a security guard. Moe asks me what I’m doing that night. It happened to be Cinco de Mayo. I tell him I’m going to a comedy show with my girls. Why does Moe ask me to meet him for a drink when he gets off at 1am? Sorry! I don’t do booty calls! NEXT!!!


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