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July 21, 2010

Best Cities for Singles

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Ok y’all, recently some folks at Yahoo! Travel compiled some data and after days and weeks in the lab, came up with a list of the top cities for singles. But you know your girl Miss Scarlett doesn’t agree with this list 100%. Some really are great for singles, but others need a big ole asterisk beside ’em. Naw mean???

#1 New Orleans:

Yeah, you can’t really argue this one. A city that loves to party? And allows women to go topless in the French Quarter. (And ONLY the French Quarter! Try to stroll around all carefree one block away and you’ll get handcuffed… and not in the good way!) Plus the N.O. is the hub of Jazz and Blues, and there are plenty of places to chill and enjoy the sounds. Oh, and the Super Bowl Champs Saints. Not even Katrina or BP can stop the sizzling singles scene there. Down side: the scene is sizzling. LITERALLY! It’s uber hot and humid in the Crescent City! Keep the Frizz-Ease and Sweet Tea on hand! Phew!

#2 Miami:

Beaches, bikinis, buff bodies… Do I *REALLY* need to continue??? Didn’t think so. NEXT!!!

#3 Austin:

Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaawwww!!! Wrangle yourself up a cowboy or cowgirl (Miss Scarlett doesn’t judge!) in this hot Texas city! Austin has a kickin’ music scene (home to festivals like SXSW). It also boasts lots of great Tex-Mex food. I just suggest you take it easy on the beans if you plan on spitting game to some cuties. Or keep a Value Size bottle of Beano easily within reach!

#4 New York:

As a native of Bahstin, I’m going to put my hatred for the Yankees, Jets and Giants aside for the time being. What CAN’T you do in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of? There’s nothing you can’t do! (Ooh! Let me give credit to Miss Alicia Keys for that line!) But there may be a bit of sensory overload in the Big Apple. I have tons of friends there who are still single but are looking to couple up. Plus, Carrie and the girls from Sex and the City had an awful time trying to find their ideal mate. So maybe not the best to find a relationship, but great to hang out with the girls/guys at museums, shows, bars, festivals… Just have a great time.

Ok, now back to my normal Bostonian self… GO RED SOX!!! GO PATS!!! GO CELTICS!!! GO BROOOOONS!!!

#5 Las Vegas:

Yeah, this definitely ain’t the city to build lasting relationships. Well… with all the drive-thru wedding chapels… Maybe it is. But I wouldn’t bet on it! (Rim shot please!) Lots of places to meet hot singles looking for a good time. Clubs, shows, trendy pools. And hey, if you strike out at the bar, you can always head to the Champagne Room at a number of strip clubs! Just remember what Chris Rock said…

#6 Chicago:

Yeah, Chicago is my kind of town! I’ll tell you why Chi-town is so great for singles. Is it the music scene? While jazz & blues are king there, no. That ain’t it. Is it the food? While I do love deep dish pizza and the hot dogs there, that’s not it either! Is it Oprah? Naw. She’s not the Big O most singles are looking for. Ok, here’s why Chicago is so great for singles… Because it’s so freakin’ cold in the winter in the Windy City that you need someone to cuddle with to exchange body heat.

#7 Nashville:

The country music capital of the world! But there’s a lot more that makes Nashville a great city for singles. All kinds of music. Great food. Great sports. But don’t take my word for it– Just ask my good friend and native Nashvillian Rob of THE RAW BLOG.

#8 Houston:

It’s an up and coming city for professionals, is fairly close to the beaches of Gavelston, and is home to Beyonce. And you may be able to snag yourself a spaceman over at NASA… Just don’t get so infatuated that you drive cross country in an adult diaper to try and smack up his new chick… Allegedly!

#9 San Francisco:

Not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winters… San Fran is GREAT for the hair and thus looking your best and landing Mr./Ms. Right. The great weather allows for lots of outdoorsy stuff– Bike riding, walking, rollerblading… None of which Miss Scarlett does! But it’s also great for picnics over by the Golden Gate bridge and by the Bay.

#10 Providence:

All I have to say about this pick is, REALLY??? I lived here for almost two years and, like I said, grew up not too far away in New England. Ok, so Boston-Lite (as I like to call it) IS great because there are LOTS of great restaurants and bars (Rhode Island is home to a great culinary school at Johnson & Wales), it’s very close to the beaches, has a great arts scene with RISD, and has the beautiful New England scenery. Ok, so maybe Providence IS a good city for singles. Just too bad I kept striking out! 

But I’ll let you decide. Check out Yahoo! Travel’s official list. Happy dating!



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