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June 1, 2010

Dr. Charming

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So readers, I’ve been so busy living my new life that I’ve hardly had the time to actually blog about it! I’ve been here in Peach City for just about six weeks now. People have told me the dating scene down here is horrendous, but I figured it couldn’t be any worse than what my love life was like back up north. Up there, it was SO bad, it was on life support!

You know I’ve been actively dating online for a while now. Well, as soon as I unpacked my car that Sunday, I decided to update my profile to reflect my new city. I instantly got a hit. That Wednesday I was supposed to go out with a great catch. He was a tall, handsome doctor who owned a home and a condo., loved to travel all the time, dressed well, and so on and so forth. Well, he had to postpone because he had an emergency C-section.– greatest excuse I’d heard in a LONG time! We were able to meet up the next day. He was great! Handsome, smart, charismatic. I refused to believe that I’d met my Prince Charming just four days after moving down here, but he allowed me to see that there really are good men out there and to “keep hope alive!”

I didn’t really think we had that great a connection, but was willing to give him another chance. I mean, he’s the kind of guy a mom dreams of for her daughter. As we were leaving, he asked if I wanted to meet up again Saturday morning. I told him I was busy. But I was almost willing to cancel my plans to see him again. He then asked what I was doing on Monday.
“Nothing,” I said.
“Ok, we’ll meet up Monday then” said Dr. Charming.

Alas, Dr. Charming DID have a wart a two.  I called him Saturday morning. No answer. No return call. Then I texted him Sunday night just to say hey and looking forward to Monday. No response. Monday, a text asking if we were meeting up. Nothing. A week later I called to say what’s up. Again, no response. Oh well! Some things are just too good to be true! Back to kissing toads for me!


May 3, 2010

Miss Scarlett Has Arrived!

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Hey readers! Ok, I’m gonna stop calling y’all readers and start calling y’all friends because y’all are! You’ve been with me for a couple of months now, so I feel the love and hope y’all feel it too!

Now back to my regularly scheduled post:

I have arrived at my final destination! Peach City! I pulled up to my temporary digs 8 days ago now. Needless to say, the last few days have been hectic, hence why I have not been posting.

I spent my last night on the road in the Queen City with an old friend from my prep days at an all-girls’ school. I have to admit, I was really surprised she let me stay with her. I hadn’t talked to her since she and her mom moved down south in the 10th grade. But I needed a place to stay and thought I’d just throw it out there.

It is such a blessing to have good friends like that! Knowing that if you’re in need, they will help you. I have (or as I should say, HAD) friends who I would always go out with. They were always ready to go have a drink or go to the club. But if I got a flat or needed a sandwich because I hadn’t eaten in a week, they were nowhere to be found.

Well, FRIENDS I’m still unpacking and learning my way around the area. I will be sure to keep you updated about my adventures in my new city. Until next time!

April 25, 2010

On the Road Again

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Good morning readers! I arrived safely in the Queen City last night. Of course, with my luck it wasn’t without incident. Somewhere in Virginia (don’t ask me where, because I have NO idea!), I got stuck in a major backup. I did see the highway signs flashing for a while along 95 warning me “Accident at Exit 54.” My GPS was of no assistance. So, for about an hour, I sat in the bottleneck. Only one lane out of 3 was open to cars. A state trooper whizzes by me in the breakdown lane. Then I smell something burning. A few minutes later, a fire truck comes roaring by. Followed by a tow truck and some odd looking vehicle. Finally, I approached this scene, and this is what I saw: a tractor-trailer turned on it’s side. But I do have to thank God that I was just driving by and not the one involved in that accident.
Hitting the road in a few more hours. Then, just about 3 1/2 hours until I get to the Peach City!

April 24, 2010

Ret ta Go!!!

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Hey readers! My condo is all packed up, just have a little more cleaning to do and then I will be on the road as I make my move from The Bean to Peach City! I’ll be making stops in our Nation’s Capital and the Queen City on my way down. And don’t worry, ya girl Miss Scarlett will be blogging along the way!

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