The Scarlett Letter

March 17, 2010

Photo Freak

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photographerSo I recently started talking to this dude I met online. This is nothing new to me. I’ve been doing it for a while with mixed results. No better or worse than traditional dating I guess.

Anywho… You know Miss Scarlett wouldn’t be posting this story unless it was something truly outrageous. Nothing normal ever happens to me. I guess I just attract freaks like the sideshow tent at a circus.

Randy would feel at home in that tent. He lives near to where I have a lot of family and he often comes up this way for business. We’ve yet to meet, but it’s only been a few weeks anyway. We talk on the phone several times a week and he’ll text or IM me during the day. Sounds great, right?

Well, one night, I was going out with some friends. Being that he was hundreds of miles away, Randy asked me to take a picture of my outfit. Ok. He wanted to see me dressed up and make sure the pictures I posted online were really of me and not Zoe Saldana. No harm there, right? So I took a picture and sent it to him. Randy liked it. I asked him to return the favor. He did. Sent me a pic of him at the gym after working his upper body. Nice.

Another day, I had to go somewhere in my business best. Randy requested a photo. No problem. Then Randy started getting a little, while, randy, and asked for more provocative photos. Typical guy stuff. Pushing the envelope. I tell him I’m not comfortable with that, and maybe (read: never) I’d send him some later after we get to know each other better.

Randy dropped is plea for the racy photos, finally realizing that’s not my thing. I was IMing him at work while I was eating my lunch. A spinach pie. The crust broke and the spinach dropped all over me. Why did Randy ask me to send him a provocative picture of me eating the pie? (Hold your jokes please.) Now, I understand some dudes have a food fetish & enjoy watching women (or men, I don’t judge) eat sexually suggestive foods like ice cream and bananas, but a spinach pie??? Um… Lose my number please! Thank you!


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